Become a better Product Owner

Learn > Implement > Reflect > Share


6 months of challenges and growth

Bring theory to practice

Long-lasting results

Access to our community

Connect to peers

(In Dutch - English video will follow soon)

Learn, implement, reflect and share

The practitioner program will give you long lasting results and makes sure that you become the best Product Owner you can be. Six months of contineous growth and learning. This will be achieved by the four aspects of growth: Learning, impement, reflect and share. You will use this in our monthly theme and spar sessions,  with experienced coaches and a group of 8-12 peers.

Group 7

You can share your biggest challenges before the session starts & ask questions. This way our coaches have a clear vision about what topics have the most value and need to be addressed. 

Access to mastermind environment

With your mastermind group you will get access to your own confidential practitioner environment. This is the right place to share challenges or questions and check interesting content about previous / future sessions.

Erik van Tricht
Erik van Tricht
Owner at Process Simplicity
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"The Practitioner program helps me to maintain my knowledge as a professional. The group consists of a variety of experiences and skills. Sharing knowledge and interacting broadens my horizon. This helps me to bring more value to my employers."
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"TriggrPro gives me the tools I need to speed up my project without compromising on quality. That combined with humor and like-minded professionals is a perfect cocktail for a monthly meeting that I like to attend. I feel that the Triggrpro is here for people who like to go the extra mile!"

Improve yourself learning from best practices

We believe that knowledge should be easily accessible to everyone. As TriggrPro we want to improve Product Owners using actual use cases and best practices.