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€1500 for 6 months of training

This is what you get

About the details

The most important aspect of good Product Ownership is being able to put theory into practice. A two-day PSPO / CSPO course and getting a certificate is no guarantee of success. The biggest challenge starts after that, when you want to apply the theory but the trainer has already left the building…

How it works

Two sessions each month:

  • Last Thursday of the month a theme workshop
  • You apply the theory in practice
  • Second Thursday of the next month an intervision session to review your experience


In the first session, you get to know your mastermind group and your coach. The purpose of the session is to identify needs. Paired up with an ‘experienced’ coach, in the field of Product Ownership, you will discuss six challenging themes. Think of topics such as: 

  • Agile leadership;
  • Define your product strategy and vision;
  • Measuring outcomes and work with data
  • Defining a valuable roadmap;
  • Good stakeholder management;
  • Determining and validating value;

Prior to each theme session you get the opportunity to ask questions. This gives the coach a clear picture of what is most valuable to you in a workshop. The priority of each topic is determined together with the group. 

But there is more!

During the Practitioner program you get an Agilist membership. This means you get the opportunity to connect with over 140+ members through our community platform. From (agile) coaches, product owners to scrum masters. The ideal place to get answers and insights. You get access to exclusive theme sessions, sparring sessions, articles & blogs. In addition, there is active knowledge sharing and discussions.

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What you will learn

Below are the topics that are covered in the program. Of course there is also room for the Practitioner (group) to propose topics that you would like to discuss additionally.

Leadership and ownership are seen as one of the most challenging skills by Product Owners. Easy to learn but hard to master. You need to show ownership to prevent the backlog from filling up and your team from losing focus. Show leadership by working towards or towards self-organization and encouraging collaboration, commitment and continuous improvement. It is also important for making the right decisions. Being able to say ‘no’ in a constructive way with focus on the end goal.

vWithout a clear point on the horizon, you don’t know where
you are going and what you need to do to achieve it. Defining your vision and strategy is therefore crucial, not only for creating a valuable product but also for motivating teams and creating support. What is the product vision? How do you create it and how do you you put it into practice.

Working data-driven provides better measurements of current situations, earlier identification of problems, better prevention of problems, and more certainty about adding value. How best to measure, what metrics do you use, and when is it a success?

The roadmap is the map to get to the right destination. A dynamic document that responds to change. In many environments, people see this as a permanent fixture or the place to put all the ideas for the future… How do you create a successful roadmap? How do you maintain a roadmap that is supported by the organization? How do you determine the priority and how do you ensure support?

Stakeholder management is something that many Product Owners see as a big challenge. Crowded backlogs, individual stakeholders disrupting the sprint, a plethora of meetings, sprint reviews that the right people are present. How do you make sure you manage stakeholders properly? Unfortunately, in most organizations we still have to deal with targets, egos and different interests. This sometimes makes it difficult to do your job as PO properly.

Engaging your stakeholders is the key to success, dive deeper into stakeholder management and learn what it takes to realize maximum value for your stakeholders.

Without transparency, no one knows what you are doing, including yourself. Something that usually results in more meetings, contact moments and lack of clarity. How can you ensure that your key stakeholders are kept informed of developments in an easy way and more importantly: how can you ensure that your stakeholders understand what the progress is in a simple way? Visualizing is an great way to create understanding and clarity. 

Your coaches

Barry Koeman

Barry Koeman

Senior Product Owner, Product Owner a.i., Scrum Master

I’m Barry Koeman, a 32 year old Product Owner and Scrum Master (certified of course). I am a generalist and big fan of “5 times why” and behaviour driven development!

For over 8 years I have been a Product Owner and have not limited myself to that role. I have worked both as a permanent employee and as a freelancer at over 15 inspiring companies including:

Talpa ┃ Harver ┃ Nmbrs ┃ Rodeo ┃ Ziggo ┃ Deloitte ┃ several Dutch ministries

With my product owner and scrum master experience I optimize product value and team effectiveness.

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Remi-Armand Collaris

Remi-Armand Collaris

Agile coach en changeguide

I believe that the success of organizations is determined by the extent to which employees are given the space to make a difference with their talents in a team context. Using the (scaled) Agile, Scrum and Lean ideas, I am constantly looking for new ways to make people work better together. In my book “Praktisch op weg naar Teamresultaat” I show the steps to get to team learning and a learning organization (see Learning together is the basis for remaining successful as an organization.

With a commitment of a few days a month, I help teams of scrum masters and management teams to let employees take ownership of their way of working. As a team, we take time to experiment, learn and improve. This way we achieve better results with more drive and fun.

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(In Dutch - English video will follow soon)


Are you a Product Owner with a growth mindset?

Then this program is for you. With the Practitioner program we ensure lasting results and maximize your value as a Product Owner. For six months you will continuously improve yourself through the following method: learn, implement, reflect and share. You will do this in monthly theme and intervention sessions with a coach and a group of 8-12 peers.

Investing in the practitioner program is investing in yourself, the people around you and the company you work for. Your investment:

  • Two evening sessions per month of max 1,5 hours
  • An average of 1 hour of personal time (goal setting, reflection, 
  • €250 per month for a duration of 6 months OR €1500 as a one-time investment 


*A large part of the business/private expenses you make are (partly) tax deductible. This applies to any courses or studies that improves your professional skills.

Sure! You can follow the program in your own time but there are two fixed sessions each month:

  • Last Thursday of the month theme session at 19:00
  • Second Thursday of the month intervision session at 19:00

It is not a typical course where you are put in a room for 2 days on a fixed date but you will work together with a group of other product owners for 6 months to make yourself and each other grow in your profession. The more time and energy your put into the program the better the results, input = output.

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to do this alongside your current job because that way you can directly apply the theory you have received to practice and that is what we call building knowledge. Applying theory in practice, learning from it and sharing the results with others.

This program is completely remote so no issues there. We will provide you with the right tools to make it feel like you are actually in the class together, for example: an active community environment, the mastermind environment, workshops via Zoom and a Miro online whiteboard.

Erik van Tricht
Erik van Tricht
Owner at Process Simplicity
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"The Practitioner program helps me to maintain my knowledge as a professional. The group consists of a variety of experiences and skills. Sharing knowledge and interacting broadens my horizon. This helps me to bring more value to my employers."
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"TriggrPro gives me the tools I need to speed up my project without compromising on quality. That combined with humor and like-minded professionals is a perfect cocktail for a monthly meeting that I like to attend. I feel that the Triggrpro is here for people who like to go the extra mile!"

Improve yourself learning from best practices

We believe that knowledge should be easily accessible to everyone. With TriggrPro we want to make product owners better through practical knowledge.