How are we feeling today, are we excited??? (imagine the high pitching voice of someone trying desperately to get the whole group to move)The worst sentence to start with, right?

Herd behavior

You just lowered your royal behind comfortably in your chair with a cup of coffee, and you get that question, please.

I’m quite allergic to herd behavior. I once went to a seminar where you had to give each other a high five. A high-five! Awful!

The seminar lasted a whole weekend, and at the end of the weekend I was dancing just as hard as the others on the chairs. Two long days of over 12 hours, with only two breaks. And I was never bored. The energy was so high that I got carried away completely.

Are people asking for a break? Then you’ve let the energy drop – and you better give them a break 🙂

Keep the energy high for a number of reasons.

  1. As long as the energy is high, everyone stays focused. Nobody drifts off and starts doing their email.
  2. You get significantly more out of a meeting if your energy is high. Garbage in, garbage out! Energy in, energy out.
  3. High energy  makes creativity flow and people get to work themselves.
  4. You can make the meeting happen on its own, only keeping an eye on the process, instead of peddling, dragging and pulling the participants so that they’ll answer a question.
  5. A meeting becomes much more equal through energy. Energy is contagious, there is more laughter and even better listening.
  6. Energy brings connection.
  7. When you do something with a high energy, there is a greater chance that you will do something with it afterwards – so the results of the meeting will improve.

Now… the only thing left is that part between your ears that says: “We Dutch are not so into energizers”. And “Just act normal, then you’re already crazy enough”.

A few tips to keep the energy high.

Once you’ve used all of these tips, you can always get people to give a high five 🙂

What do you do to keep the energy high in a meeting? Share it below in the comments and you will receive my infographic “what kind of meeting fits best”!

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