“We believe that information only becomes knowledge when it is processed with experience.”

The story behind TriggrPro

At the beginning of 2020, we both encountered a number of tough challenges: How do you motivate remote teams? Optimize customer journeys? Collaborate with stakeholders? Following a two-day training and obtaining a certificate is not that difficult, but putting it into practice can be difficult. We both felt that we were the only ones in our working environment who were encountering these types of topics. Where should you go if you don’t have any equals?

These discussions actually led to our first tribe; a group of 8-10 experienced people from different disciplines. We thought it would be interesting to meet monthly to share and discuss practical cases in an interactive way.

We started approaching people from our own network, and it soon became clear that more people were looking for this way of knowledge sharing. As of April 2020 we started with this first tribe full of enthusiasts. Coming from all different product development disciplines; the group consists of UX designers, Product Owners & Scrum Masters. To date, we have discussed topics such as team talent & motivation, customer journeys, design thinking & data analytics. Besides the fact that the topics are interesting, it is super fun and motivating!

We believe in the “IDEO” way of thinking. Which means that we help different backgrounds and areas of knowledge to stimulate each other to arrive at better solutions.

Our focus is on sharing valuable practical knowledge with and by (industry)experts. Because we believe that information only becomes knowledge when it is processed with experience. We believe that knowledge should be easily accessible to everyone. With TriggrPro we want to make leaders in the field of product management better through practical knowledge.

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