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With TriggrProfessionals we are making a difference in the current market by working together as a community of Product Professionals. As a group of product enthusiasts with a real growth-mindset, we deliver the best people and the best products.

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"I optimize product value and the effectiveness of the team using my Product Owner and Scrum master experience."
Barry Koeman
Product Owner and Scrum master
"I believe that organizational success is determined by the amount of time employees get to use their talent to actually make a change."
Remi-Armrand Collaris
Agile Coach
"With over 15 years of experience I help organizations with their leadership towards autonomy, purpose and mastery of their teams."
Randy Keyers
Leadership, Agile, Professional Scrum
Erik van Buuren
Erik van Buuren
Owner at Process Simplicity
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"The Practitioner program helps me to maintain my knowledge as a professional. The group consists of a variety of experiences and skills. Sharing knowledge and interacting broadens my horizon. This helps me to bring more value to my employers."
Product Owner
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"TriggrPro gives me the tools I need to speed up my project without compromising on quality. That combined with humor and like-minded professionals is a perfect cocktail for a monthly meeting that I like to attend. I feel that the Triggrpro is here for people who like to go the extra mile!"
Projectleader A.I. at SCILDON
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"TriggrPro helps me to stay sharp and update my knowledge. The sessions are very interesting, it’s good to see which tools and best practices are available. The members of this platform are professionals and experienced in the agile way of working. The learning aspect and the sparring sessions have the most value to me. There is a nice atmosphere and a lot of energy."

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